My Comics


War Zones – vol. 0 (Wilson/ Bennett/ Molina)

Hypertime – vol. 1 (Wilson/ Thompson/ Molina)


Scarlet Witch (Abnett/ Lanning)


The  Darkest Reflection – vol. 1 (Simone/ Syaf/ Cifuentes)

Nightfall descends – vol. 2 ((Simone/ Syaf/ Benes/ Cifuentes)

Death in the Family – vol. 3 (Simone/ Sampere)

Wanted – vol. 4. (Simone/ Pasarin/ Glapion Blond)

Deadline – vol. 5 (Simone/ Pasarin/ Glapion/ Gill/ Garron) 

Batgirl of Burnside – vol. 1 (Stewart/ Fletcher/ Tarr/ Wicks)

Batgirl of Burnside – vol. 2 (Stewart/ Fletcher/ Tarr)

Birds of Prey 

Trouble in Mind – vol. 1 (Swierczynski/ Saiz)

Your kiss might kill – vol. 2 (Swierczynski/ Foreman)

Clash of Daggers – vol. 3 (Swierczynski/  Molenaar/ Cifuentes)

Captain Marvel

Higher, further, faster more – vol. 1 (Deconnivck/ Lopez)

Harley Quinn

Hot on the City – vol. 1 (Conner/ Palmiotti/ Hardin/ Roux/ Sinclair/ Mounts)

Power Outage – vol. 2 (Conner/ Palmiotti/ Timms/ Sinclair)

Kiss Kiss Bang Stab – vol. 3 (Conner/ Palmiotti/ Timms/ Sinclair)

A Call to Arms – vol. 4 (Conner/ Palmiotti/ Hardin/ Timms/ Sinclair)

Harley & Ivy (Dini/ Timm/ Gaines)

Gotham Academy

Welcome to Gotham Academy – vol. 1 (Colonna/ Fletcher/ Kerschl)


Hooked on a Feline – vol.1 ( Leth/ Williams/ Allegri)

Justice league

Origin – vol. 1 (Johns/ Lee/ Williams)


Death of the Family (Snyder/ Capello)

Moon girl & Devil Dinosaur

Moon girl & Devil Dinosaur – vol. 1 (Reeder/ Montclair/ Bustos)

Ms Marvel

No normal – vol.1 (Wilson/ Alphona)

Generation Why – vol. 2 (Wilson/ Alphona/ Wyatt)

Crushed – vol. 3 (Wilson/  Miyazawa/ Bondoc)

Last Days – vol. 4 (Wilson/ Alphona)

Super Famous – vol. 5 (Wilson/ Miyazawa/ Leon/ Alphona)


 Most Wanted – vol. 0 (Latour/Rodriguez)

Greater Power – vol. 1 (Latour/Rodriguez/Visions)


Goddess of Thunder (Aaron/ Dauterman/ Molina)

Who holds the hammer (Aaron/ Dauterman/ Truman/ Stevenson/ Punk/ Sauvage/ Guillory)

Wonder Woman

Sensation comics Wonder Woman  – vol. 1 (Simone/ Hernandez/ Van Scriber/ To)

Sensation comics Wonder Woman – vol. 2 (Jelenic/ Chu/ Tynion IV/ Stevenson)

Sensation Comics Wonder Woman – vol 3 (Speed McNeil/ Kesel/ Kitteridge/ Badger/ Beechen)

Contagion (Simone/ Scott/ Dagino)

The Circle (Simone/ Dodson/ Chang)

Young Justice 

Young Justice – vol 1 (Franco/Norton/Jones)

Training Day – vol. 2 (Weisman/ Hopps/ Jones/ Davis)

Women of Marvel

Women of Marvel – Celebrating Seven Decades

These are just the volumes I own cus I have smaller ones too.