A feminist observation.

Welcome back to Generation Why: An Arty Feminist, brought to you by an arty feminist.

Feminism is for us all. We all need to at least think about feminism and what it stands for. Feminism is an important thing that everybody should know about and understand.

The definition of feminism is ‘The advocacy of women rights based on the grounds the equality of the sexes.’ Now this is a pretty good definition of feminism but its only the basics. It is only the roots to feminism and some people don’t even agree with it. Feminism is so much more than just getting equal woman rights. It s about getting women completely equal across everything. Its about having violence against women and things like that stopped completely. This is just a good definition for a feminist who’s just starting out.

If I were going to make this definition better and more understandable (I mean I have never heard of the word advocacy or the term the ground of the sexes, But that might just be me) It would say something like this: Feminism is a movement that men and women should be treated equally and that women should be able to do everything a man can do for work and is a movement backed up by a large number of feminists.

In the comments you could make your own one up or say if you like googles definition of feminism. 😋😜