Generation Why: An Arty Feminist

I’m tired – a poem

I told you that I got bullied in my post about anti-bullying week. Here is a poem that I wrote about my situation, which I hope you read.

Everybody pushes past me in the hall,

Each day I avoid two people.

They laugh at me in the hall.

Prank call me at my house.

The other one says,

All she did was take time to call me,

To answer in a stupid voice.

She laughed when I said it.

She says, I remember sighing and looking sad.

Laughing is not what happened,

When she shouted at me from across the hall.

When I was completely distraught,

Crying my eyes out,

“She was defending her friend,

The teacher says,

As I talk about the messages she had sent,

When her mum found out,

It was, “my child would never do that”

And, “kids will be kids”.

I’m tired of them.

I’m tired.

I know it doesn’t sound that bad. And, that I’m just being dramatic. Yes, there were lots of little things on a daily basis, but they all felt huge to me. They would talk about me and my friend behind our backs and then say that my friend always used to talk about me. They told some people that I begged to go out on a date with her, when all I said was I liked her. They would constantly make fun of anything we did. So yes it was lots of small things (and a few big things which I would rather not say) but added up they all felt huge to me. Now my friend wants me to forgive them and be friends again, which I don’t even think I really want. Especially since they won’t admit to bullying us. Neither of them have actually apologised. So no I don’t want to make up with them. Because I cant imagine playing around with them if they’ve not apologised because I can’t see them as who they used to be, not yet at least


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