Generation Why: An Arty Feminist

Boycott sea world


I can’t believe we live in a world we’re animals are kept in horrible conditions for human entertainment. It seems insane that people think that’s okay. Orcas and al other sea life kept in sea worlds are treated horribly in tiny, unkept cages which don’t cover their needs at all. They deserve to roam the water and play in a family. The fact that they don’t get that basic right day to day enrages me. There’s videos of orcas self harming and it makes me cry. Whales often die and get horrible disease which the keepers cover up. It’s absolutely horrible.

Did you know humans are the only animal to hunt for pleasure. So next time you go to the zoo, sea world or maybe even hunt think about that. All other animals hunt for food and to survive whereas husband hunt for the joy of it. Humans torture and cage animals to enjoy it. Does that check out?



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