Generation Why: An Arty Feminist

Gay; An insult? A step by step guide for narrow minded fools.

That’s so gay.

Is it though?  Why is this used as an insult? Or to describe how much something annoys you? I don’t understand how someone can use someone else sexual orientation as a way to describe something that annoys you.

In my school so many people use gay to say how bad class is or just to generally insult things. I sit next to someone who does this and its honestly sad. This is for them. So here is a little step by step guide on how to think new words in your minuscule narrow-minded minds (if I can even call them that) that think gay is an acceptable insult.

  1. Pay attention in English class kids. Your teacher is going to teach you how to use a thesaurus and how to grow your vocabulary. This is very important. Maybe if you paid attention in class you wouldn’t need to say “this is so gay” while doing your work as you might actually learn something.
  2. I’m assuming by the amount ofttimes you spend on your phone in class your going to know how to use the internet. Start off by going into the search bar and typing ‘thesaurus’. You then click on the first link which should say  You then click on the big bar and type up ‘annoying’ which is a word you can actually use to describe something which is annoying. See it makes sense – doesn’t it? You then scroll down and look at the synonyms.
  3. Don’t use terms like gay.
  4. just use your brain. Like seriously its so obvious and easy.

Related imageI personally find it homophobic and insulting when people use gay to describe annoying things. You know what else is annoying? Them. But if I called them gay they would be personally offended. To me that just doesn’t check out. That can’t make sense. No one should be labelling things that are annoying as gay. People wouldn’t be offended if you called them straight. Yet straight culture is constantly forced on children. I don’t call annoying things gay or straight – I call them annoying. That makes sense.


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