Generation Why: An Arty Feminist


This week is Trans Awareness Week.

The fact that some people don’t know that is the reason we have it. There are loads of trans people in the UK who are often forgotten. Why?l

Trans people are people. Our people. Trans people are so often bullied for being themselves which I don’t understand. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for them to be themselves. So why should people not be there to support them on the way. Why should people tear them down when their only just rebuilding themselves to who they want to be. If you are against trans people then. I don’t know how to sway your mind. I don’t know how much you can be helped. But I do know that you should respect them for who they are. People.

She. They. Him.

Why is it so hard to call someone  a her is you you used to call them him. Children do it all the time when their teachers get married and change their last name. Yet somehow children an do it. But adults can’t? How does that make sense.

In school we watched a video by LGBT youth Scotland called #OurLives: A piece of policy. It was a heartwarming video and helped me imagine what it must be like. To be reduced to paperwork. To an equality act. I never imagined what it must feel like to sign forms to be who you want. Thats what the videos about.


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