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Am I normal yet, by Holly Bourne

Welcome back to generation why An Arty Feminist brought to you by An Arty Feminist.

For English homework o had draw a character from a book I’m reading/read and labelling what they look like so here’s what I did.

I chose the book Am I normal yet by Holly Bourne which is absolutely amazing and you should read if you want to read about mental health as it’s amazing! It’s a story not often told and I found it eye opening so if like to share some of what I wrote in my homework with you.

First of all I drew her (which by the way I’m so proud of!).

I then wrote some stuff about her on the next page.

“In the drawing her posture is stiff and awkward in a way as she doesn’t want to touch anyone. She feels like she does at fit in and is out of place. She’s also in constant pain from all the stress and the constant cleaning.

Her face is sad and also stiff ,it seems slightly like a call for help, her eyes especially calling for help. Her lips are dry and cracked from not drinking much, her cheeks sunken in from lack of food and nutrition. There’s bags under her eyes, due to lack of sleep, probably up all night panicking and stressing.

Her right hand is covered in scratches over washing until she bleeds, converged in her jumper to hide them. The other hand is behind her back so that it’s hidden, she doesn’t want both exposed.

Her body shape is skinnier than it should be for a fourteen year old girl due to lack of eating. Her jumpers and jeans are a bit baggy so she doesn’t look as thin as she is.”

If you can I would quite like Holly Bourne to see what I thought of her book so pls repost this to her, thanks!


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