Generation Why: An Arty Feminist

Saturday 30th June

Welcome back to generation why An Arty Feminist brought to you by An Arty Feminist.

Saturday 30th of June

The first day of Summer. The first full day of Summer. Yesterday was the last day of p7 and it was fun because we had half a day of Summer. We went to McDonalds for lunch with a friend and Cosmos for dinner with another friend. But now for Saturday.

I woke up at 7 but I was to comfy to leave my bed so I stayed there a while. When I finally decided to get up I got some watermelon for breakfast-which was very nice and watched the first ten minutes of Brooklyn nine nine before we left for the train station! Exciting-I know.

ON the bus we then realised I forgot my jumper which was just great. It was actually okay though because it was very warm in the destination-a surprise, exciting!

I decided to bring my pencils with me on the train and drew this eye. I’m really proud of it as it was a very shaky train and it actually turned out really well. I copied a tutorial I found on Instagram by @shierly_arts.

When we arrived in Glasgow (surprise) we went straight to the comic con (surprise!!) to get my comics signed for free (SURPRISE!!). There’s nothing better that free book signings at comic con. Generally free stuff is good.

I got Black Canary signed by Annie Wu who drew the cover and a lot of the drawings. We also got some of her other stuff signed.

We went round other stalls and got a FREE pride flag sticker and bought a unicorn with a pride flag, a fat bee and another unicorn but holding the lesbian flag for a surprise guest.

I went to a stall selling comics for 15 pounds and the owner was talking about the runaways and how nice Kris Anka was. We decided to go check him out and asked how much the comic was and it was apparently FREE!!!! (You know me and my free stuff.) So that was awesome.

I bought many other comics and 2 books- Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda and The opposite of okay which I’ve started to read and so fr is very good.

After we saw the whole place we went out for lunch at Tim Hortons where I got an iced hot chocolate, a cinnamon and raisin bagel with cream cheese (THEY WERE OUT OF EVERYTHING BAGELS) and ten jam timbits.

I took my retainer out and it ended up getting binned which is just great but I didn’t realise until three hours later when the trash ahd been taken out. This was just amazing.

After that we stopped by a live hip hop performance done by three kids and their which was amazing.

Then we went to Paperchase (one of the best stores on Earth) to get my summer journal and some glue which we found in the first ten minutes but we spent an hour in there because its paperchase-so it was just a quick visit.

We did some looking at the Lego store and that was really fun. There was some really awesome sets but they were SO expensive. In the end we just got some Lego Batman mystery figure packs.

It was around then that we realised the retainer was gone and I cried for the whole walk to Pizza Hut (surprise). We had some time to kill brfore we met our mystery guest so we went to Waterstones where I calmed down (mostly cause I was surrounded by books).

We then went to pizza hut went to pizza hut with (drum roll) Claire Heuchan AKA Sister Outrider. Dinner was delicious and I had way to much to eat and drink as usual but it was delicious so I was fine with it.

We took our train home after that and apparently there was an on foot police chase that Claire saw (I was oblivious to the fact that this was happening even though apparently my mum saw police?)

On the way back I read my book- The opposite of okay, which is really good and funny.


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