Generation Why: An Arty Feminist


Welcome back to generation why An Arty Feminist brought to you by An Arty Feminist.

It’s the summer of 2018 and I need to write! I’m setting a target for myself-write every single day of Summer. Every. Single. Frickin’.Day.

I’m very bad- like horribly bad- at fulfilling my targets. Great at setting them but horrible at keeping them. This summer will be different. (I hope.)

Everyday I’m going to write a detailed desccription of my day into my new Summer Journal (which I bought at paperchase obviously), no matter what I did or how. Boring it was. And I’m going to post these on my blog, but if I say a friends name in my journal, when I type it up on here I won’t say their name.

I will stick in things, like drawings, stickers and postacrds if I got them, drew them or their just relevant to my day.

I don’t have anything else to say so lets get started.


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