Generation Why: An Arty Feminist


Welcome back to generation why An Arty Feminist brought to you by An Arty Feminist.

On Sunday I went to a procession marking the anniversary of when white middle class women got the vote in Britain.

I say middle class women because that’s the truth. Other women didn’t get the vote in Britain until later.

We went to the meadows and we got our scarfs (either purple, green or white) and we marched in order of colours. It was organised incredibly well and from above you could see the colours.

People had made these amazing banners and flags with all these amazing cutouts and quotes.

It was really fun and we marched from the meadows to the parliament.

The only thing wrong was that it was clearly marked online as a female only march. That’s because it’s an issue that women want to celebrate with other woman.

But men decided that they needed to come as well. As they say said they were fighting for equality they ignored the fact that it was a woman only march. They decided that they needed to be there as well. They decide that there privilege was more important at a woman’s only march than the women who fought to be there.


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