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How I draw eyes

Welcome back to generation why An Arty Feminist brought to you by An Arty Feminist.HOW I DRAW EYES PART 1STEP 1:I draw out the basic premise of the eye- a circle and the eye shape.STEP 2:I add the basic shading to the iris and colour in the pupil.STEP 3:I blend the iris.STEP 4I rub out lighter areas of the iris.STEP 5:I blend the lighter parts of the iris.STEP 6: I add in some darker bits at the top and draw the outline.STEP 7:I blend those darker bits and the outlineSTEP 8I start to add in lines coming from the edge of the iris and out mainly in the lighter section.Used-blending stumps, mechanical pencil, 4b derwent graphic, 6b derwent graphic and 9b derwent graphic also a rubber.


One reply to “How I draw eyes

  1. These are really great. Quite the talented young artist, you’re learning to look at the world closely and work with what you see. Impressive.

    You should go see as many original old master drawings as you can, reproductions are ok so far as they go, but there’s nothing like seeing the drawings as created. Get your parents to take you across to Italy, if you love drawing then this in Turin is not to be missed, iconic!

    And if you can one of my personal favourites, La Scapigliata in the collection in Parma: photos never do it justice, you gave to see the original as they never capture the interplay of line and chalk, guarantee you’ll be awe-struck!


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