Alice in wonderland review.

I got free tickets to see Alice in Wonderland at the Lyceum in exchange for writing a review for JumpMag. 

Image from The Times

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is an extra-ordinary book and this retake of it is brilliant.

It was so funny; I laughed basically the whole way through. I laughed at the props as well as the jokes.

The costumes were amazing and you could see all the work that had been put into them. All the costumes had their own personality as well as the actor’s personality.

The actors expressed themselves so well, it felt like I was in wonderland. The show had transported me into Alice’s world. My favourite character was the Mock Turtle because she was so sad and then happy. If I say the Mock Turtle was my favourite, then I have to mention the Griffin. The Griffin worked so well with the turtle but also the actors all worked in harmony. There were no problems or accidents on stage, the actors just worked together so well.

In the end it was a great show.

I wrote this review for jump mag which is an online magazine for kids. I saw Alice in wonderland at the Lyceum and I’m going to see it again with my school.


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