A feminism reminder.

A long time ago i did a girl power post. Now its time for a reminder. For those who follow me (THANK YOU) you know I’m a feminist. Im a feminist because we live in an unfair world, well unfair to women and girls. That should be stopped.

Stereotypes. If you try hard enough you can find stereotypes everywhere, I mean everywhere. Try an experiment. Get a piece of paper, any size, and write own all the stereotypes you know. Now get a friend to do it. Compare. Whats different? Whats the same. When i did this (minus the compare part) i found many, to many. The amount of stereotypes out there is shocking and to me heartbreaking. What kind of world do we live in?

Now whats Is wrong with pink (the colour, not the singer). Now try to really think about it pinks just a colour whys it so bad. Ive been looking into this. Now i know theres nothing wrong with pink, its just used wrong. Next time your friends say ewwww to pink tell them its just a colour, nothing harmful about it.

These are just 2 of the many things feminism trys to stop. Everyday woman and girls try to stop this. Thats what feminisms about, tackling the injustices of the world and stoping them, forever. All my freinds are feminists. Most of my family are feminists (or feminist allies).




A Christmas present for my teacher

This year as a gift for my teacher i made crayon art.

  1. First I glued down crayons with a hot glue gun.
  2. Secondly i stuck down a silhouette of a woman with an umbrella.
  3. I got my hairdryer and started to melt the wax. I put a cup over the umbrella so it looked like it dripped over like rain on a real umbrella.
  4. i wrote a quote saying “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. Its about learning to dance in the rain.”








Here is a link to instructions on how to do it:

Rouge One Review. ***with spoilers***

Image from Dorkside of the force
Image from Dorkside of the force


Yesterday I went to see the new Star Wars movie Rouge one. It was amazing! The main characters Jyn Erso and she was a pretty cool character. It was by far the saddest Star Wars movie because they killed all the main characters or most of them. “Many bothans died to bring us this information.” as said by Mon Mothma in a new hope. It was predicted that the main characters where going to die but i still had tears in my eyes.

I liked how it intertwined with a new hope and all the easter eggs from the other films. There was a rock which was literally an Obi-Kenobi on his side. I think it was the scene where he dies in a new hope. I also liked the special effects because it looked so real.

In the end this was a great film.


Alice in wonderland review.

I got free tickets to see Alice in Wonderland at the Lyceum in exchange for writing a review for JumpMag. 

Image from The Times

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is an extra-ordinary book and this retake of it is brilliant.

It was so funny; I laughed basically the whole way through. I laughed at the props as well as the jokes.

The costumes were amazing and you could see all the work that had been put into them. All the costumes had their own personality as well as the actor’s personality.

The actors expressed themselves so well, it felt like I was in wonderland. The show had transported me into Alice’s world. My favourite character was the Mock Turtle because she was so sad and then happy. If I say the Mock Turtle was my favourite, then I have to mention the Griffin. The Griffin worked so well with the turtle but also the actors all worked in harmony. There were no problems or accidents on stage, the actors just worked together so well.

In the end it was a great show.

I wrote this review for jump mag which is an online magazine for kids. I saw Alice in wonderland at the Lyceum and I’m going to see it again with my school.