Feminism for Girls – I’m writing a book and need your help!

This morning I asked my Mum if she had any books I could read on feminism. I found out that there weren’t very many books about feminism for girls my age. The only book that Mum had for me to read was Cinderella Ate My Daughter.unknown

We decided we would write a book on feminism for people my age. These are things we want to include what is feminism, misrepresentation of women, history of feminism and what women think feminism is.


These are the three questions I would like women to answer so that I can include them in the book:

  1. What is feminism to you?
  2. Why are you a feminist?
  3. Who inspired you to become a feminist?



You can post your answers to the questions in the comments below or you can email them to louisepennington@hotmail.co.uk

You can also send us any ideas you would like us to include in the book.


9 thoughts on “Feminism for Girls – I’m writing a book and need your help!

  1. What is feminism to you?
    – It’s women saying, together, “We matter. Girls matter. Stop overlooking us, patronising us, and treating us as if we aren’t quite as human as male people.” Sometimes our voices say different things, and we may argue between ourselves, but we’re still speaking together and stronger together.

    Why are you a feminist?
    – The short answer is “because I’m female”! Looking further, I believe patriarchy hurts (most) men & boys as well as women & girls. When feminist values are adopted and people become more equal, life becomes a better experience for everybody.

    Who inspired you to become a feminist?
    – Germaine Greer! I was at school when Cosmopolitan magazine first came out in the UK. It had a double-page spread interview with Greer, explaining what feminism was about. I was transfixed. It answered at least half of the questions I’d not even been able to put into words 🙂
    – I might also say “my Dad” in a roundabout way. He was a misogynist bully. He was horrid to us all, but especially insulting & sexist to me. I didn’t want to grow up as a woman because, in my family, being a woman was a pretty hard job. When I read the Cosmo article, I didn’t understand the connection between my political thoughts about women in society and my home life. But Greer’s words still answered my questions – and provided fresh, strong answers to give my Dad.

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    1. Feminism is who I am. Realising myself. Being myself & not an image of myself for others.

      Because it’s the right cause for all of us as we are over half the human race.

      Greenham Common wimmin.

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  2. I feel I must say it is important now more than ever than men ally themselves with feminism by calling themselves feminists. Not to appropriate our cause but to acknowledge it as real and powerful.

    Feminism to me has a useful definition in that Beyoncé song. To me it’s fair and equal treatment of the sexes in a societal and economical sense, and a desire to correct the multiple imbalances that staggeringly still exist in this sense from the most microscopic to the most global level, knowing that sharing our perspectives and creating this equality is beneficial for all our futures.

    I’m a feminist because it seems impossible not to be: I love all my fellow humans and it hurts me deeply when anyone is treated unfairly by circumstances beyond their control, and feel the need to use my strength in my position to align myself with others like me and also those not like me and say that together we are all stronger when we support each other.

    I think I was always a feminist without knowing the words for it or how to express or practice it, and strong fictional female characters like those in the books of Tamora Pierce always really inspired me, I always loved Joan of Arc. But my roommate in college taking her first women’s studies course and then the teacher that taught mine was what really inspired me because those classes were pointing out all these shocking things I couldn’t believe I’d never been taught before, it just seems like such basic info that everyone should know. Those courses should be remedial.

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  3. What is feminism to you?
    To me feminism is the insistence that women are people too, with an acknowledgement that the reason we need to constantly insist that is because we live in a patriarchal system which disadvantages girls and women. It’s liberation from patriarchy for women and girls.

    Why are you a feminist?
    I’m a feminist because having been treated really horribly by a man, I started to realise that men’s treatment of women isn’t just an individual thing, but also a strutural thing that needs challenging.

    Who inspired you to become a feminist?
    I’m not sure. There’s various women through the years that I met and whose stories and wisdom I have learned from. They include Elaine Storkey, Karen IngalaSmith, Jenny Parnham & others. I’d also say my children inspire me towards feminism because I want them to live in a better world.

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