Unicorns can dip-die too



Feminism for Girls – I’m writing a book and need your help!

This morning I asked my Mum if she had any books I could read on feminism. I found out that there weren’t very many books about feminism for girls my age. The only book that Mum had for me to read was Cinderella Ate My Daughter.unknown

We decided we would write a book on feminism for people my age. These are things we want to include what is feminism, misrepresentation of women, history of feminism and what women think feminism is.


These are the three questions I would like women to answer so that I can include them in the book:

  1. What is feminism to you?
  2. Why are you a feminist?
  3. Who inspired you to become a feminist?



You can post your answers to the questions in the comments below or you can email them to louisepennington@hotmail.co.uk

You can also send us any ideas you would like us to include in the book.

GenerationWhy mascot and logo

Today I  created a mascot for my website. She is wearing a hoodie with various superhero logos including: Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Spider woman and more. She wearing mismatched shoes symbolising that she’s a bit crazy, a cape and a mask  to say she wants to be a a superhero and cat ears to say she likes cats. img_6767 My logo is my mascots head with  g/w and at the top it says GenerationWhy. The colour theme is just based on colours I like. img_6765The eyes got a bit messed up but it ended up looking good.

New superhero!

This is Emoqulen, my new superhero. She’s 20 and her real names Jaqueline. She’s in love with her bff/roommate Kassandra and Kassandra doesn’t know she’s a superhero. She’s an empath who can use peoples emotional energy to form a solid, she can also use combat perception which is just predicting her foes moves by telling there emotion. She obviously can feel everyones feelings because thats just no1 in empathy.img_6713

This was my first full draft of Emoqulen.