Girl power

To me Girl power is one of the most important things in the world. Girls might understand this more than boys but it is true. Lots of girls are treated like they can’t do as well as boys but its not true. Thats sexist. Girls can do as well as boys and a lot of the time better. When you search the word avengers a lot of the images have more boys in them. Have you ever noticed how theres only one or two girls in the avengers or how theres more men in the justice league. Or how when you search up marvel all the men are at the front and woman at the back.  How wonder woman is mostly drawn with no muscles in comics when the guys all have six packs. Girls are under appreciated for all there talent and skills.

I got the idea of this blog post from my friends blog blueberryfoxblog so i just want to do a shout to for her awesome blog


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