Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween everybody! This year for halloween I’m being the cheshire cat from the live action movies. Please can you comment in the section below about what your being this halloween. What are you doing this halloween? Are you guising or are you having a halloween party? Or maybe your going to a halloween party. Or are you just sitting down watching halloween movies. Im going guising tonight. I would love to hear what your doing this halloween.

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Harley Quinn Movie

Image from http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Harley-Quinn-6-Things-You-Need-Know-About-Suicide-Squad-Character-108987.html

Dear Margot Robbie,

My name is S and I love Harley Quinn. My friend L loves Harley Quinn as well and is also posting a letter to you. I’ve gone to 2 comic cons dressed as Harley Quinn and I’ve got picture of Harley Quinn on my wall. The last comic con I went to, L and me were both Harley Quinn and we got a picture with a person dressed as suicide Squad Harley Quinn (you). As you can see Harley Quinn is my favourite super villain/anti hero. I want you to try request movie directors to make a Harley Quinn movie. And please no Batman or Joker, a mostly female cast. I’d like it to be like you and joker broke up and Batman’s dead (just kidding, I mean he’s busy in Metropolis helping Superman or something). The characters in the movie would be Batgirl, the Birds of Prey (maybe), Harley Quinn (obviously), Catwoman, Poison Ivy (Gotham City Sirens) and any other female DC comic’s characters. Can you also make it a 12 rating because my friend and me can’t watch Suicide Squad because it’s rated a 15 and we nearly cried, so please make it a 12. It would mean a lot to me if you tried.

From your Harley Quinn fan,



P.S. Can you still act as Harley Quinn because you’re great at it.




Batman and Robin Review


I just watched Batman and Robin and I’d say it was pretty good. My favourite character is Batgirl because she’s a batgirl i don’t know much about. She’s a girl power icon and she’s a natural bat. In a lot of ways it was funny- not like the Dark Knight movies. Its very different from other superhero movies I’ve watched and i just want say it was really good.



My animal life

img_0249I love taking photos and i love animals so it would make sense for me to take photos of animals. All the animals here are my pets.




This is Spatsie, she’s 16 years old.




This is Toffee, she’s 14 months old.













Pearl is 12 years old.img_2936







This is Jake he’s 18 months old.

Girl power

To me Girl power is one of the most important things in the world. Girls might understand this more than boys but it is true. Lots of girls are treated like they can’t do as well as boys but its not true. Thats sexist. Girls can do as well as boys and a lot of the time better. When you search the word avengers a lot of the images have more boys in them. Have you ever noticed how theres only one or two girls in the avengers or how theres more men in the justice league. Or how when you search up marvel all the men are at the front and woman at the back.  How wonder woman is mostly drawn with no muscles in comics when the guys all have six packs. Girls are under appreciated for all there talent and skills.

I got the idea of this blog post from my friends blog blueberryfoxblog so i just want to do a shout to for her awesome blog