Apple Pie!

Welcome back to Generation Why: An Arty Feminist brought to you by an arty feminist.

Yesterday I made Apple pie as my dads friends gave us a load of apples they had grown in there garden. I made the apple pie all by myself with my grandma telling me what to do.    I then made a blackberry coulis and we ought some ice cream to go with it.

Instructions for pastry:

You will need:

2 large apples

Shortcrust pastry (made or bought)

2 tsp of demerera sugar

A lemon

One egg

About 30 grams of cool melted butter

Preheat your oven to a moderate temperature. Roll out your dough to the size of your tin ( Or you can justus a large one proof plate, which is what we did. Leave a little bit extra for lace. Cut your apples into thin slices and lay them out onto you pastry. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on them as you go. Leave about 2 centimetres of rim. Get the rest of your pastry and roll it out flat. Cut into thin slices and lay them in a weave pattern on top of your apples. Go around the edge of your pastry with a fork , pressing it in to make a pattern. Whisk your egg and melt your butter. Leave your butter out a bit to cool off and then mix together your egg and butter. Then brush your pastry with your egg wash and sprinkle on your sugar. Put in oven until golden (Should take 25mins unless you have  a bad oven).

Take out your pastry and serve warm with a scoop of ice cream and maybe a blackberry coolis.

This is how one turned out in  the end.



Inktober update!

Welcome back to Generation Why: An Arty Feminist brought to you bye an Arty Feminist.

Today I’m here to give you Ann update on inktober (as promised). I hope you like them!

Day 1: Swift

Day 2: Divided

Day 3: Poison

Day 4: Underwater 

Day 5: Long

Day 6: Sword

Day 7: Shy

Day 8: Crooked

Day 9: Screech

Claudia Donovan!

Welcome back to Generation Why An Arty Feminist brought to you by an arty feminist.

Today I’m going to tell you about my obsession with Claudia Donovan. Claudia Donovan is a character from Warehouse 13 (a Tv program).

Warehouse 13: Following an abrupt transfer, Secret Service agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering find themselves in the middle of South Dakota at a massive, top-secret storage warehouse that holds every strange artifact, mysterious relic, out-of-this-world object and supernatural souvenir ever found by the U.S. government. Lattimer and Bering’s new task, as directed by the warehouse’s caretaker, longtime agent Artie Nielsen, is to investigate reports of unexplainable and paranormal activity in an effort to secure more peculiar and dangerous objects, and to help Artie manage the warehouse itself. This is googles description. 

Later on in the show Claudia Donovan comes in and refers to herself as a “Warehouse 13 Next Generation” agent.

I’m going to start writing and drawing some Claudia Donovan comic fan fiction so that hopefully will work and if not, well it was fun to try!

A picture of Claudi Donovan I did.


Welcome back to Generation Why: An Arty Feminist brought to you by an arty feminist.

So this year I’m going to be doing the inktober challenge! It’s a challenge where you have to draw with ink every day of October and then post it online. I might not be able to post it online everyday but I will definitely draw it.

Here’s a picture I did earlier:

Here is the Inktober web page: